Friday, 11 July 2014

Hola Seville!

The Spanish know how to celebrate life. The richest wealth of Spain is its warm, friendly and exuberant people. Each city in Spain is unique in its own way, but my favorite is Seville.

Seville - The capital of the richest region of Spain - Andalusia.
I went, I saw & I fell in love. I could stay there forever, but in the limited time I had in this stunning Andalusian city, I tried to see and experience as much as possible.

The following, as per me, are a must do in Seville:

1) Explore the Narrow Cobblestone Alleys of the Old Quarter

It is a maze, but it is just exciting to walk through the alleys. You will cross many plazas, each more stunning than the other. Orange trees, fountains, ceramic tiled benches are just a few elements that add grandeur to the squares.

There are many interesting boutique hotels, Tapas bars, cafes & shops. For the real experience, book a hotel right in the heart of the old town.

TIP: Some hotels are reachable only by foot. Taxis will drop you only till the main square, so choose accordingly.

2) Experience Flamenco

Experiencing any form of local art gives you a sneak peek into the culture of the place. Flamenco in Seville is very intense, but its beautiful at the same time. The rhythmic tapping of the shoes, the deep voice of the vocalist, the strumming of the guitar, and the fabulous dance moves, drive the audience crazy.
To watch Flamenco in Seville, there are multiple options to choose from - A formal sit down dinner , a casual bar or stage shows.

3) Visit the Royal Alcàzar of Seville

It was once a Moorish fort. The architecture of this palace is a unique blend of Islamic and Christian styles.This interesting mix of art is referred to as the Mudèjar style.

The are many different gardens in the palace complex. Each of these gardens has its own style. Find a bench and sit for a while to absorb the beauty of the Jardines de las Alcazares.

TIP: If you are interested to know the significance of each room in the palace, you can rent an audio guide from the entrance

4) Go for a Tapas Bar Crawl around the Cathedral

The Giralda tower is the most famous landmark of Seville. Its the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral - The largest Gothic cathedral in the World. There are many cafes and bars around the cathedral. Its buzzing with tourists throughout the day but it really comes alive at night. Tapas are small plates. On an average a Tapa would cost Eur 2.5 - 5. Sample Tapas in different bars with beer or Sangria.

   TIP: If you have small kids, a horse carriage ride as a good way to explore the city.

5) Admire the Magnificent Architecture of Seville

What makes Seville magical is its architecture which is a combination of Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance styles. Intricately carved buildings are a common site in Seville. Just amble around the city and I promise you will not be disappointed.

TIP: Walk to the Plaza de Espana. Its majestic.The building is an example of the Renaissance revival style

6) Walk on top of the Largest Wooden Structure of the World - The Metropol Parasol

Its gigantic. Its daring and quite impressive, unlike anything else in Seville, and maybe in Spain. I felt the structure resembled enormous trees which are stuck together. It did not seem like it was made of wood, until I got closer.

There is a minimal fee for entry. An elevator takes you to the top, where you can enjoy a drink, with the stunning view of Seville.

7) Walk to Triana

Triana - Its the district on the other side of the Guadalquivir river, well known for its ceramic tiles. The walk to Triana along the river is lovely. Enjoy Sangria and some tapas at a cafe or a bar along the river.

TIP: Avoid Saturdays. Most of the shops in the area are closed

 Gracias Seville for such a lovely time!


  1. Great post! I love a city where you can just wander the alleyways and discover beautiful new things :)

  2. What a gorgeous looking city. Its been on my list for a long time but for some reason I haven't made it back to Spain since my teens. The Metropol Parasol looks just incredible, never seen anything like it.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  3. Hey Frank, Thanks for reading my post. Hope you enjoyed it. Seville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities of the World. Hope you make it to Spain soon. Happy Travels! :)